Process Cranes

    Process Cranes Explanation

    As Asan Cranes, we produce 300 tons and above heavy-duty type process cranes with semi-automatic or fully automatic options in high FEM class according to the production process of our customers, especially for heavy industrial facilities such as iron and steel or for energy industry.

    Process Cranes Turkey

    Process cranes are used extensively in heavy working conditions, high ambient temperatures and high speeds, are specially designed and produced by our experienced engineer staff for the projects of our customers. Bucket, polyp, spreader or magnet can be used with this type of cranes.

    Process Cranes

    Process Cranes Features

    Ladle cranes, charging cranes, precast carrier cranes, scrap cranes, ground cranes, telescopic cranes, tundish cranes are in our product range.

    Our process cranes are designed and manufactured according to our customers requirements suitable for the conditions of their projects' processes, with domestic and imported brand equipment in accordance with FEM, DIN and TSE / EN norms.

    • Hoisting Group
    • Brakes
    • Drum
    • Bridge Travelling Group
    • Electrical Room
    • Steel Construction

    Professional, powerful and reliable industrial cranes, equipments are our core expertise.

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