Crane Equipment

Crane Equipment Turkey

Apart from our cranes that are designed and manufactured entirely by our company, the other crane products and equipment we manufacture and/or supply are as follows:

  • Spreader Beam,
  • Transfer Trolley,
  • Grab,
  • Polyp,
  • Mud Drawing Bucket,
  • Melting Pot,
  • Magnet,
  • Load Travers,
  • C-Type Hook,
  • Operator Cabinet,
  • Positioner System (Product Positioning System in the shortest time during manufacturing),
  • PLC System (Automation System),
  • Scada (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition),
  • Anti Sway (Controlling The Swaying Of The Load),
  • Anti Shockload,
  • Black Box System.

Professional, powerful and reliable industrial cranes, equipments are our core expertise.

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