Lifting Groups Cranes

    Lifting Groups in Cranes

    Our compact body standard hoisting groups are designed and manufactured from 1 ton to 80 tons with high efficiency and with the latest technology in international standards in accordance with FEM, DIN and TSE / EN norms.

    Standard Hoisting Groups

    Our hoisting groups are manufactured with single speed, double speed or gradual speed alternatives. It is aimed to carry load at precise speeds and to extend the service life of the brake group by turning the single speed motor with double speed by using an inverter. In addition, special speeds and lifting heights requirements from our customers can be provided by the necessary equipment we use.

    Our Hoisting Groups can be used both in open and closed areas by the accessories and cladding structure on them.

    We are capable of meeting all the customer demands by purchasing motors and reducers from international leading suppliers that make special production for the crane sector for heavy duty type hoisting groups.

    All the design, projecting, production and after-sales services of our hoisting groups belong to our company.

    We can also supply ex-proof type hoisting groups used in flammable and explosive areas.

    Lifting Groups Cranes

    Hoisting Motor & Reducer

    Our hoisting and travelling motors are selected as high efficient. And reducers are selected as a result of tests in accordance with international standards. According to the demands of our customers, we cooperate with domestic and / or imported industry-leading suppliers.


    Long-lasting electromagnetic disc brakes are used to meet the motor torque and minimize brake wear in sudden movements.


    In standard single-type hook which is capable of infinite rotation on the axial bearing and is made of forged steel in accordance with DIN standards is used. According to customer's production process also double-type hook can be used.


    Our sheaves are produced for long-lasting use in a way that prevents rope deformation according to the calculations of FEM norms with the casting recipe prepared by ASAN CRANES.

    Rope Guide

    Our rope guides are produced from the latest technology polymers that regulate the reeving of the rope on the drum and extend the lifetime of both the rope and the crane.


    Our drums are produced in accordance with FEM standards with the latest technology CNC machines by removing the welding tension after manufacturing welded from steel drawn pipes and ST52 support sheets.

    Trolley Travelling Group

    Jointed system travelling groups which prevent the deformation of the travelling groups as a result of the collapse of the reinforced concrete roads and/or the wear of the crane bridge runway rails are used in our standard hoisting groups.

    Electrical Equipment

    All electrical equipment in electrical panel is located on our standard hoisting groups. Electrical equipment such as SCHNEIDER, FUJI, OMRON brands with a worldwide service network are preferred.

    Crane Control Type

    In hoisting groups with trolley, free from trolley with cable type pendant; in monorails moving with monorail cable type pendant controls are used. According to customer requirements, for the use of remote control the necessary unit can be connected to the hoisting group.

    Safety Equipment

    The safety equipment included in our standard hoisting groups are;

    • Emergency stop in control panel,
    • Phase and thermal protection relays,
    • Limit switches for hoisting,
    • Bridge and Trolley Limit Switches,
    • Overload Limit Switch / loadcell,
    • Warning system with sound and light.

    Professional, powerful and reliable industrial cranes, equipments are our core expertise.

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