Quality Policy

  • Manufacturing in the quality required by international standards,
  • Continuously developing and improving our products and services,
  • Contributing to the development of knowledge and skills of our company employees,
  • Ensuring the voluntarily participation of our company employees in achieving our company's goals,
  • Considering the opinions and suggestions of our customers and suppliers about our products and services,
  • Meeting the expectations of our customers in the best quality and most economical way by giving importance to our R&D studies,
  • Preventing waste by using natural resources in the most efficient way, utilizing recyclable wastes, preventing pollution caused by environmentally harmful wastes,
  • Taking necessary measures to protect the life of living being and preventing environmental pollution,
  • Complying quality, environment and OHS conditions under all circumstances,
  • Most importantly creating added value for our society and being useful for our public.

Professional, powerful and reliable industrial cranes, equipments are our core expertise.

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