Gantry Cranes

    Gantry Cranes Explanation

    Gantry crane is mostly preferred for carrying loads in open areas but also in closed areas, is a type of crane where the bridge beams are fixed on the portal legs and the portal legs move on the runway rails fixed to the ground with the bridge travelling group. With our gantry crane systems, large and heavy loads can be carried more comfortably and safely than overhead travelling cranes.

    Gantry Cranes Turkey

    We also produce Semi-Gantry Cranes which move from one side on a runway rail fixed to the ground, and from the other side which moves on a runway rail fixed to the building. This system reduces dead space and provides optimum benefit in the field.

    Our gantry cranes are produced between 2 tons and 250 tons with standard or special type hoisting groups, with required lifting heights and single speed, double speed or stepless speed alternatives in accordance with FEM, DIN and TSE / EN norms by domestic or imported brand equipment.

    Gantry Cranes

    Gantry Cranes Features

    The gantry cranes, which can move without the need for any building structure, can perform independent or dependent lifting operations, and at the same time provide various advantages according to the purpose of use with single beam or double beam options and right / left portafo system.

    Our gantry cranes have pendant button control type as standard and optionally remote control or cabin control can be offered.

    Crane bridge beams of our gantry cranes are manufactured from box type structure for standard tonnages, and according to customer demand we can also produce truss type structure bridge beams.

    The maintenance platform is available in all our double girder gantry cranes which provides maintenance and installation convenience on the crane bridge.

    Gantry cranes are generally used in all industrial manufacturing factories, workshops, open stock areas, container stock areas, hydroelectric power plants, dams, ports, railways, marble factories, stock warehouses, etc.

    Asan Cranes offers economical solutions for special production and special capacity gantry cranes and gantry craneswith automation system, as well as in standard gantry crane manufacturing. All the design, projecting, production and after-sales services of our cranes belong to our company.

    • Hoisting Group
    • Travelling Group
    • Under Hook Equipment
    • Electrical Panel
    • Cable Reel
    • Operator Cabinet

    Professional, powerful and reliable industrial cranes, equipments are our core expertise.

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